Body Dysmorphia

Body Dysmorphia

Body Dysmorphia was my trauma for 11 years and I know and understand it to the cure…. Now healed, I tell my story and give you information about this illness and support clients Worldwide.

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Body Dysmorphia is a mental health condition where one becomes obsessively preoccupied with perceived flaws in their appearance, often to the extent that it disrupts their daily life.

It’s like looking into a funhouse mirror that distorts your body image, except the mirror is your own mind. This obsession can lead to compulsive behaviours, like excessive grooming or mirror-checking, and severe emotional distress.

It can affect anyone, regardless of how they actually look, leading to anxiety, social withdrawal, and even depression. Overcoming body dysmorphia begins with understanding that it’s not about vanity —it’s a struggle with your self-perception that requires compassion, support, and often professional help to navigate.

It’s a process to release and find understanding…. If you feel this, I feel you. Just know it doesn’t define who you are, you can heal.

Do you struggle with Body Dysmorphia?

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Grateful for you reading….. Remember, you are amazing and you will see the best version of yourself I promise you. Focus on you and you will get there.

Kindest Regards

Basim Yafai (Holistic Health Coach)

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