Born To Be Free


he key to freeing the self and creating the life you wish for lies in untying the restrictions you feel within yourself.

Many people imagine that they are being held back by someone else, by their circumstances or lack of resources.  Finding the answer to this question outside the self is endless because this question is not solvable by merely changing our physical reality.

What holds us back from experiencing a real sense of our self is the relationship we are having to what lies within.  We actively promote resistance when we reject parts of our self or show the world a diluted version of who we are and what we come with.  We discern what feels ok to share from our inner world and what we want to be off limits.

Each time we hold back emotion, resist thoughts, or suppress pain in the physical body we actively grow resistance.  The impact of this process consistently repeated has significant impacts on our subtle body.  Every time we hold a part of our self-back we create tension.  We experience our normal state of being based on a lifetime of tension.  Tension develops the feeling of insecurity that very few people are free from.

“ You Have Not Been Given An Impossible Task, For You Have Evolved To This Point And Possess All You Need To Face The Fears Inside Of You. “

Live the Life of Empowerment P232, By Kefah Bates

Because in our natural state we flow effortlessly, we will feel discomfort each time we resist an inner process.  The energy needed to present our self to the world in a filtered way becomes all consuming. We will give so much attention to this process of what we can show of our-selves and what we can’t we lose sight of what feels true.   Where there lies no division, we flow where all aspects of us are allowed to be.  This has developed a mistrust in our soul process, and we do not allow the wisdom of our being to lead from its knowing.  In truth, we have nothing to hide because no part of us is wrong, worthless, or unimportant.

We feel that giving uncomfortable feelings attention could make them worse or make us feel out of control.  We make a habit of hiding that which feels awkward, uncomfortable or may have a negative effect on others.  Learning to see all that is uncomfortable within us, moves us towards our true expression and our free state of being.  Not resisting all that we are is necessary and essential to freeing into our higher potential.

Restriction Is Detrimental To Evolving The Greater Purpose Of Our Soul

Every expression that your soul carries brings meaning to who you are and why you are here.  When we restrain or suppress pain or anything we deem to be uncomfortable, we fuel inner restriction and tension.  What our soul yearns for is peace, to be free from tension and dis-ease.

The wisdom that lies within you continually acts to recover its true self, to live unlimited, unrestricted and free.  Your being knows when it is out of balance and will seek ways to return to inner harmony.  You come with a heightened sensitivity even if you are not aware of this.  Pain and struggle exists not to punish you but to get your attention.  Wanting to avoid uncomfortable thoughts, intense emotion and physical illness fuels inner restriction.  To flow in your life, to not feel held back starts with the way you relate to what impulses are rising within you.  Our pain is there to help us recover our true essence, not to dis-empower us.

To move free of restriction; the wisdom of our soul calls us to,

  • open to what is in our self consciously
  • learn how to free the parts of our self we hold back
  • recover trust to our innate wisdom that knows its way home.

Moving from the unlimited expression of our soul brings our true direction, purpose and place in the world.  Every attribute we have in the soul has meaning and is essential to why we have come.

To resist, avoid or dilute any aspect of our self-breaks trust to the greater force that creates life within us.

No one holds you back but you.  Where there lies internal division, we continue to live bound by tension, restriction and pain.

Thank you to and blessings to my sister Kefah Bates for this amazing content

Talk Soon,

Coach Baz

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