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Let me be perfectly honest with you. I have been lazy when it comes to technology and doing the promotion side of things. I could easily pass it off as saying “I don’t have the time” with my hands in many other pies at the present moment, but the truth is, I haven’t made it a priority, and haven’t put in the effort.
The truth is, you have all the time in the world. If you haven’t heard it before, let me repeat this sentiment I came across years ago – You make time for what is important to you. Instead of saying you “don’t have time for…”, start saying “I don’t make the effort for/I haven’t prioritised…” And see how that sits.

“I don’t make the effort to work on my relationship with my partner”

“I prioritise scrolling my Instagram to calling my mother”

“I don’t prioritise… My training, my nutrition, my health, the things in my life that I like to say are important to me, when my daily actions share a very different story.

Start saying that to yourself, sit with it, and see how long it takes for it to start making you uncomfortable – and kick your ass into action.

So what haven’t I been putting the effort into over the past few months?

Well, you’re reading it right now. Every day for the past couple of months the bottom of my To-Do List reads “Write an email”, “Blog Posts”. It can go weeks and I haven’t fulfilled that task.

But Why?

I was talking about this to my sister who is an amazing councillor and healer last week and I finally stumbled across an answer that had been rattling around my subconscious for weeks.

I was trying to do to much of things that wasn’t true to myself.

I’ve had a lot of “experts” telling me what I should be doing with an email list. I was like wow, there’s a few of you on here. I should probably try to market and shove something down your throats right? I even have the perfect product to do so.

It’d be so easy – Hey Baz, write an email about Mental Wellbeing. Write one about the Best Exercises Nobody’s Doing. Write one about Your Top 10 Sleep Hacks. Write one on Beating the Bloat & Digestive Health. All seamless segues into plugging your stuff.

I’ve even done a few of those in the past. If you’ve been on this list for a little while, you’ve probably seen them – and actually found them incredibly useful and maybe you even wound up joining what I was selling as a result of it.

But let me tell you the biggest issue with that – for me anyway.

It’s not me.

I’ve never been a marketer. A sales person. Someone who has to stick something out there in your face and shove it down your throat. Sure, I get the theory behind it – I have done my research in Marketing going months back.
But do you know what happens when I sit down and think about writing another piece like that?

I’m pretty sure I’d rather step on a piece of Lego or live the rest of my life having the urge to sneeze than have to put out “content” like that. haha (this is where you laugh).

Motivation is actually a very simple concept. First of all, we have to understand that it’s a pretty horrendous goal to set for yourself – To wait for the perfect moment, when the stars align, the clouds part and the angels sing; when you’re struck with motivation and to ride that wave all the way to completing your task.

That’s a fool’s errand.

Instead, if you’re finding yourself lacking motivation around something, ask yourself – Why am I showing so much Resistance against it in the first place?

There are times where the Resistance we show is a response to the Fear. The Fear of actually finishing this task and our deepest desires actually being fulfilled – And the emptiness that may come with it. But that’s getting a little bit too deep and dark for this email. So let’s not look under that rock for now.

The biggest Resistance that I see people struggling with is they’ve set themselves up for failure. They’re trying to apply themselves to tasks that aren’t true to themselves, their values, and what they care about. So, of course you’re not going to approach the task with any sort of motivation or excitement.

So where am I going with this? And how is this going to change, and what are you going to expect from these emails long term?


That’s it.

This is my platform to create content. To write directly to you. To sit here, each day and journal my thoughts, likes, dislikes and everything in between. There’s no agenda here other than to share a piece of me with you each day. I may direct you to my website just for you to expand more from me and you never know maybe we can work together in the future. Sometimes you’re going to get a deep article on deconstructing the biomechanical, neurological, sociological and psychological contributors to pain. Other days you’re going to get a book recommendation, wellbeing content, life lessons a Dad Joke or Story Time with Baz. Most importantly you will get to know yourself and me
If you like it – great. If you don’t, hit the unsubscribe button “it’s ok”.

More than anything else, I have a lot of thoughts in my mind that I haven’t really given enough time to write out, verbalise or process. I’m not amazing at Journaling, so what better way to start than writing an open journal, to all of you out there in the world?

What could possibly go wrong..

Talk soon,

Coach Baz


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