Resetting Health Goals


January might be the traditional month for new resolutions and health commitments, but why wait to start now in resetting health goals?

This is a great time to resetting health goals. Below, we reveal how to seize the end of the summer/autumn season to focus on yourself, reset your health goals and discover why this is the time to plan for January – and how starting now might set you up for success in the coming months:

Bring your feel-good factor into your new routine

When we come back from our time away, even if we’re dreading returning to work, we’re still full of serotonin (our happy hormone) from those heady days of relaxation and fun. You know what else helps us to produce serotine? Exercise. So capitalise on feeling relaxed and refreshed from your jollies going into the new year, and rest assured that you can extend that by working out or creating meditation routines that will set up each day for success.

It’s light enough still do exercise outside

When it’s cold, wet and miserable, the tendency is to finish work and then bid a hasty retreat home to lie snuggled on the sofa. If solo fitness isn’t your thing, why not get in contact and see what I have to offer for you? I have nutrition, personal training and wellbeing support to get you where you need to be. Just have a look at the website and get in contact.

Everyone’s back in a routine

Back in summer, your gym plans were maybe interrupted by group chats suggesting post-work cocktails in beer gardens, bank holiday weekends and holidays. But now that it’s nearly winter, everyone’s back to the grindstone which means fewer distractions and a more concrete routine. If you need help structuring a new plan within the workplace or in your personal life, drop me a quick message. I will be able to inject energy and focus into your professional and personal life and maybe resetting health goals.

Starting now will make for a better January

If you start planning now, imagine how self-satisfied you’ll feel come in the new year when you’ll simply be dealing with a little Christmas excess rather than starting from the bottom and getting behind by planning. By Christmas, you’ll feel ready that you probably won’t be tempted to go overboard anyway. While I feel no one should diet during the festive season, there’s no reason to eat your weight in mince pieces just because they are there.

Bulletproof your body for the winter

Even with the best intentions, it is easy to hibernate in winter. For starters, having the heating cranked up high makes you sleepy and less likely to move. So, make sure to stay hydrated throughout your day. If it’s too cold, this will make you want to eat more to keep warm. If you feel your motivation waning when it’s cold, remind yourself that keeping active is more – not less – important than in the summer. Very commonly, health issues such as flus and chest infections arise during the wintertime. To help combat these issues, keep moving and eating as much winter vegetables and fruits as possible. Doing so, it allows our immune system to function to the best of its abilities to prevent winter illness.

Although most of us know what works best for us when it comes to exercise and nutrition, we sometimes stray from our health ‘plan’ at some point or another. The challenge for most of us is to get back on track with momentum once we’re ready to return to our most effective program. When we fall out of the daily habit of consistent discipline, it can make even the idea of it feel unattainable and overwhelming. Therefore, I recommend staying active everyday even if only for 5 minutes at a time. But, the change of season can also spark a renewed time to rethink and create healthy new habits. If you’re unsure about how to get started with your pre-winter health and fitness routines at home or within the workplace, simply get in contact. That’s what I am here for! Ask for professional help with your mindset/lifestyle, training regime and nutrition today.

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