Vegan Transformation


Success is never owned, it is rented… & the rent is due everyday” – Rory Vaden (NYT Bestselling Author) #plantbasedtransformation

Vegan Transformation: Who says Natural Muscle Building the Plant-Based way is hard & you can’t gain muscle? The left picture is me for all of 2019, and my bulk started mid January 2020 (right picture).

Taking my personal Nutrition and Lifestyle to Plant-Based/Vegan ( Vegan Transformation ) has been a great journey. It has taken time to learn and see how my body adapts to different foods.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with my training and my current condition. Supporting my clients reach their goals as well as mine is even sweeter. I feel stronger & my training sessions feel more effective.

I cannot wait to see my conditioning later this year and continuing on with the journey of vegan transformation.

A vegan diet/lifestyle could well be something you are thinking about trying, maybe you are already vegan and want support with reaching a fitness goal. You may want to implement meals into your lifestyle that are plant-based or maybe you want to completely switch to a plant-based lifestyle and want support? If this is you, then you have come to the right place.

I have and currently support clients for all these reasons given above. So, enquire now.

Thank You,

Coach Baz

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